Development of Employees

In order to ensure the development and achievement of the full potential of its employees, Hemofarm is constantly searching for new methods to improve their skills and competences. The usual methods for improving skills and competences in Hemofarm have so far included the following: training sessions and workshops for the development of skills; professional training for the improvement of technical competence, foreign language schools as well as professional seminars and presentations.

Hemofarm offers its employees a wide range of possibilities for career development. Careers in our company offer opportunities for unique professional development through its dynamic business activities and new challenges.

In accordance with its business values and principles, Hemofarm invests in its young people, offering them the possibility for continuous professional development. Hemofarm understands that the quality and success of a company is guaranteed only by creating a modern organization full of talented, engaged and motivated experts.

Hemofarm provides professional development for its employees by creating an environment which encourages innovativeness, risk-taking and teamwork.

Hemofarm is a place where employees can learn and greatly contribute to the company’s growth.

Promoting Diversity and Individuality

Among its other values, Hemofarm’s priority is also the quality of interpersonal relations.. Hemofarm tries to promote diversity among its employees and in all its activities, enabling equal opportunities for success. Hemofarm is dedicated to the fight against discrimination in its recruitment and selection and in the management career progress of its current employees.

Hemofarm’s Human Resources Division significantly invests in the recruitment of quality young people, usually with the help of modern Internet portals. In order to improve the recruitment and selection process, Hemofarm adopted a new Operating Procedure in 2014, which additionally pointed out the direction with regard to policy prohibiting any kind of discrimination between candidates. The rules of in-house advertising, period of recruitment and selection process, as well as connecting the employment process to further monitoring of new employee adaptation have been established.

According to a survey by the student organization AIESEC, Hemofarm A.D. is one of the top 10 most desirable companies of any kind to work for in Serbia and the most desirable in Serbia’s pharmaceutical industry.

Hemofarm’s fair and transparent approach to all of its employees is also reflected in the fact that all of them receive regular, formal feedback on their work. New employees, through evaluation of adaptation, while permanent employees have regular monthly, quarterly and/or annual evaluations.
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